2010 – 2014 
Bachelor’s Degree in Social Communication – Media Studies
Arts Institute/Campinas State University (UNICAMP).


Special Student – Master’s Degree Class “Sound Design / Sound Project – The Construction of the Soundtrack in Fictional Narratives”, orientation by Prof. Dr. Eduardo Santos Mendes.
Arts and Communication School/São Paulo University (USP).


(Currently in Production Process) Sound Design and Sound Mixing. “Chão de Fábrica”, 13 episodes TV Show, directed by Renato Tapajós.

May 2016
Recording Engineer, Sound Designer and Sound Mixing Engineer – “CEP 05300”. Documentary, directed by Adria Meira and Lygia Pereira.

Sound Editor – “Eu só queria que você dissesse”. Short-film, directed by Vanessa Silva.

March 2016
Sound Design and Sound Mixing. “No tempo do Dashicô” (27′). Documentary directed by Coraci Ruiz and Julio Matos.

January 2016

Collaborator and Animation Soundtrack Instructor during the Project “Ciência & Arte nas Férias 2016” (“Art and Science On Vacation 2016”) PRP-UNICAMP, at which 224 Campinas Regional Government high school students participated.

2015 – until now
Sound Post-Production Engineer at “Laboratório Cisco”.

Sound Designer and Sound Mixing Engineer. “Diários da Navegação” (19′). Documentary directed by Hidalgo Romero and produced by Laboratório Cisco with Canal Futura (Brazilian TV Channel “Futura”).

Sound Mixing Engineer – 12 episodes. “Taquaras Tambores e Violas” (13 ep. of 26’). Brazilian TV show directed by Hidalgo Romero and produced by Laboratório Cisco.

July 2015
Collaborator and Animation Soundtrack Instructor during the project “Animação no Inverno” (“Animation in the Winter”). “I Ciência & Arte no Inverno” (“1st Science and Art in the Winter”) PRP-UNICAMP, at which 90 Campinas City Government School students participated.

May 2012 to February 2015
Intern, Editor, Camera-woman and Live Editor – Multimedia sector of “Tribunal Regional do Trabalho da 15ª Região” (Campinas/SP)

July to October 2013
Producer internship at Laboratório Cisco.

July 2012 to August 2013

Researcher – “Historical Trajectory of Sound Design in Cinema” Institutional Scientific Initiation Scholarship Program – PIBIC/CNPQ – Research Orientation by Prof. Dr. José Eduardo Ribeiro de Paiva – Arts Institute/Campinas State University (UNICAMP)

April to July 2011
Radio Script Writer – M3 Radio – Mathematic and Multimedia of Campinas State University (UNICAMP). A project directed by Samuel Rocha de Oliveira and realized by Fundo Nacional da Educação, the Ministry of Science & Technology and the Ministry of Education.


(In Post-Production Process) Recording and Musical Soundtrack Mixing – “Vir a ser fim”. Dance-video, directed by Laura Videira.

Audio Interview Mixing Engineer (37 tracks) – “Laranjeira”. Multimedia-Book, by Gabriela Orestes. Project orientation by Prof. Dr. Fernando de Tacca and Prof. Dr. Paulo Teles – Arts Institute/Campinas State University (UNICAMP).

Music Director, Sound Recording Engineer, Sound Editor, Sound Mixing Engineer, and Musician/Performer – “Matteo Cabral: Um Cidadão Contra O Mal”. Documentary, directed by Lucas Reitano.

Music Director – Audio-Game Project “Gato-Mia”, accomplished by Ellen Leyka Fukasawa, Caroline Neumann and Danilo Ganzella, for the Conclusion Coursework of the class “Projeto de Áudio II” (Audio Project), orientation by Prof. Dr. José Eduardo Ribeiro de Paiva. Arts Institute/Campinas State University (UNICAMP).

Director – Videoclip “’Definitivamente’/Guilherme Lamas Trio”. Winner of “Olhar Artístico” Award in 4º Fest Clip Festival de Videoclipe, in November 2013.

Voice Actor, Sound Assistant and Foley Artist – “Flerte”. Animation Short-film, directed by Samuel Mariani. – Displayed at dozens Festivals in Brazil and abroad and Winner of “Melhor Filme” Award by Tecnician Jury in “NÓS – Festival de Vídeos Universitários”, in December 2015.

Co-Writer, Co-Director, Sound Director and Music Director – “Parte do Eu” (HD, 4’). Short-film displayed at “Noites de Kino 2011”, part of 22º Festival Internacional de Curtas Metragens de São Paulo.

Image and Sound Content Creator – “Mediagenic Interfaces: Development, Practice and Analysis of Customized Interactive Media in Dance Education”, accomplished by Prof. Dr. Paulo Teles and Mousumi De, displayed at InSEA World Congress – Budapest (Hungary).

Workshops and Foruns

September 2011 
Artistic Interdisciplinarity Forum: “Produção e Política Audiovisual no Brasil”, orientation by Melina Marson and Gilberto Alexandre Sobrinho, and “Documentário e suas Facetas”, orientation by Fernão Pessoa Ramos and Kiko Goifman, 6 hours duration.

August 2010
Participant in “III Simpósio de Cinema e Psicanálise”, 16 hour duration.

April to June 2010
Participant in “Oficina de Produção Audiovisual”, orientation by Bruno Fantini, 24 hour duration.


Portuguese (native)
English (fluent)
Spanish (advanced)

Complementary Courses

(Currently enrolled) “Introduction to Music Production”, an online non-credit course.
Berklee College of Music – offered through Coursera. Orientation by Prof. Loudon Stearns. Part of “Berklee Modern Musician Specialization”.

“Developing Your Musicianship”, an online non-credit course.
Berklee College of Music – offered through Coursera. Orientation by Prof. George W. Russell Jr. Part of “Berklee Modern Musician Specialization”.

2001 to 2008
Music: Musical Initiation, Piano, Chamber Music, Choir and Music Theory – Municipal Conservatory “Davino Tardelli da Silva”, Piedade/SP.